Who has the ambition to open a vegan restaurant/bistro/cafes? We offer our assistance (with pleasure &) for free.

Our goal is to increase the offer (range) of healthy vegan food. That’s what our experienced team stands for – to provide voluntarily support to the future owner of a ALGE-restaurant. We provide consultancy for the following topics:

  • Attractive, well-known and protected name „ALGE“
  • website
  • Real Property search
  • Reasonable (Meaningful) leasing contract
  • Business plan and cost estimates (calculations)
  • Government export monitoring
  • founder/raiser loan
  • stock inventory consulting
  • kitchen equipment
  • menu cards
  • recipes
  • cash register system
  • Human Resources
  • Owner training by (certified) nutritionist
Existing restaurants/bistros/cafes are also welcome to join us. However, you pay an admission fee to use permanently all benefits for free.
We promote healthy vegan food through our initiative. This is what »ALGE vegan« stands for. Therefore, there is also a code of honor (ethics):
Code of Ethics – »ALGE vegan«
  • The food is exclusively vegan
  • Fresh preparation
  • Clean products from sustainable agriculture and of regional origin have priority
  • Free of sugar, tofu, additives and any flavor enhancers
  • One raw food main dish (in cafés a raw food cake) is always part of the menu
  • The restaurant manager her-/himself is vegan and identifies her-/himself with this healthy diet and philosophy
What are the advantages of being an “Alge”?
  • “Alge” are very individual and designed by the respective owner. There is no „standard look“ and no uniform offer. The commonality of all algae is the name „algae“ and the healthy food offer „ALGE vegan“ according to the code of honor.
  • „Alge“ is a protected trademark and very memorable short name. This name will be given to Alge restaurants / bistros / cafes for free.
  • Like in a franchise system, the owner receives support and advice on name, marketing, controlling, inventory and recipes. This achieves more effectiveness. The owner is supported by competent experts (contact persons) and receives input for her/his individual problems.
  • All “Alge” owners share their experiences with each other. Therefore, an online forum is available which provides enormous information on knowledge and experiences.
  • Combined cross-regional advertisement campaigns support publicity and high profile, such as protection against cutthroat competition.
  • Alge restaurant / bistro / café also creates a lasting value for yourself, because with an over-regionally well-known name you can find a successor much faster and they are well salable..


The team/ partners

Several successful and experienced entrepreneurs voluntarily work for alge-initiative. Here we briefly introduce some of them:

Patron of the alge-initiave: Actually we are looking for a patron of the alge-initiave. The Patron will represent our alge-initiative in public and support it with his wide knowledge of healthy food. We hope to present soon the perfect patron for us.

Jürgen Gratze: he is the initiator of the alge-initiative. Jürgen is co-founder and managed the “Schülerhilfe” until 2001. He successfully founded and supervised about 900 “Schülerhilfen” in Germany and Austria. Annually 70.000 pupils got extra tuition at these famous coaching school. After he sold the coaching school he engages in ideal projects. He contributes with his vast experience in organization, marketing and franchising and sponsors some of the “alge-initiative” projects. Get more information in this interview (in German only).

Arno Stubbe: activist and campaigner for animal rights. Arno worked as a journalist and was engaged in many projects concerning animal rights. Arno decides which already existing restaurants can join the initiative and use all the advantages for free. Arno keeps in touch with the big vegan associations and works in the field of PR.

Maik Breilmann: graduate designer, free-lancer at Nubiz. Maik has great experience in web-design and marketing. He designs and looks after the advertising campaign of all “algae”. He also designs menu cards, flyer and helps with all creative issues.

Beate Gratze: medically certified nutritionist and yoga teacher. Beate advises in the field of healthy raw-food. She brings in her experience to ensure that all “algae” can offer healthy food.

Diana Difort: medically certified nutritionist and former owner of the vegan restaurant “Seasons” in Gelsenkirchen. Diana advises concerning healthy vegan food. Furthermore she passes on her experience as a restaurant-owner. Get more information in this interview (in German only).

Gosia Freynik: medically certified nutritionist, expert in herb lore, trained cook for whole-grain diet with vital substances and yoga teacher.

Annika Wahl: expert in communication strategies, emotional story-telling and branding in the fields of online- and offline-communication and creative campaigns. As a studied journalist and International-Relation Manager the digital native and blogger supports in all questions concerning the brand awareness of the alge-family. Moreover she helps people as a yoga and meditation teacher to treat themselves with attentiveness.

Ina Becker: graphic designer with focus on healthy nutrition (raw/vegan). Ina gathered about 25 years of professional experience in advertising and marketing and works currently as a freelancer under designista.de. Ina designs alge-Flyers and advertisements – especially when time is of essence.

Marco Schulz: medically certified nutritionist, expert in fermentations and co-funder of “Sauer macht glücklich” (sour makes happy). Marco is project manager and coordinator in the field of IT and is active in the vegan scene. He particularly supports all “algae” with his know-how and experience in project management, product development and marketing.

Claudia Rembecki: journalist and PR editor. She gives advice in the field of public relations and helps to make “alge-philosophy” (even) more famous

Carolin Schaar: agricultural economist and food blogger. She posts her passion for vegetarian food and green lifestyle on “Carokocht”. As a freelancer she is active in online-marketing and as a social media consultant. She helps to increase alge awareness and supports in any field possible: creation of recipes, Layout and SEO optimization & Co.

Rolf Gratze: lawyer. Rolf works as an independent lawyer for many years. Concerning legal questions he contributes his legal advice.

Dr. Eva Graune: lawyer and specialized lawyer in labor law. Eva works in the field of labor and public services law for many years and works as a freelancer since 2012. She provides required assistance regarding labor law issues.

Boris Lauser: Boris is widely known and highly respected for his vegan and raw-food diet. He works as an author and restaurateur.

Carina Fuer: our contact person in Austria. Carina lives in Vienna, “connects veggies” and is well known in the vegan scene. She organizes “Vegan Meetings” for 6 years and assists vegan restaurants regarding websites, social media, menu cards and flyers.

Barbara Miller: well-known as a doctor for holistic medicine and raw-food also supports alge-initiative. She works as a doctor in Berlin and as a manager of the “Institute of Holistic Medicine at the Königssee”. She assists the initiative by assessing recipes regarding healthy aspects. Moreover she provides the initiative with current knowledge concerning healthy nutrition.


A: Who stands behind “alge-initiative”?
Several successful and experienced entrepreneurs voluntarily work for alge-initiative. We briefly introduce most of them on our page “team”.

B: Is the consultation by alge-initiative really free of charge?
Yes, all services are free for alge-holders. There won´t be any charges: no license fee, no consultancy fee no sale of any kind. All services are on a voluntary basis. All necessary expenses will be sponsored.
There is only one exception: When more than 20 “algae” exist it might be reasonable to start supra-regional advertising. This step would be discussed by with all alge-holders. Only with a 2/3 majority of alge-holders supporting the measure, an advertising campaign would be carried out and costs passed on to all alge-holders.

C: Why does alge-initiative exist?
Alge-iniative supporters have many different motivations:
1) To spread healthy food: One aim is to offer healthy food in almost all places. By doing so we expect a great change in peoples´ behavior. If they have the opportunity to get healthy food in a restaurant nearby they can convince themselves how delicious healthy food taste. By that we hope more and more people can change their eating habits.

2) Ethically motivated: Animals need to be respected again! The consumption of meat has grown to a devastating extent. Therefore it is crucial to change eating habits and have a widespread and meatless alternative offered by alge in Germany.

3) Ideal values: With the alge-initiative we will demonstrate the values which are important. By the joint work of all alge-holders and supporters we hope for a great change to positive values!

D: Is it possible to change an existing restaurant into an “alge”?
Yes, an already existing restaurant/ bistro/ café can become an “alge”. For that an admission fee of 5000,- € has to be paid. The fee won´t be paid to the initiative though, but will be used by the new alge-holder for supra-regional promotion from which the whole community will benefit. By the admission into the alge-community the logo and all advantages described on the page “concept” can be permanently used without any charge.